Creative solutions


We use thermal, zoom and high resolution imaging to assist in disaster relief and search and rescue missions. We also provide wildlife management services to collect and analyze animal data.


Keep an eye in the sky at your next event. Traditional security measures are fixed in one spot. Drones solve that problem. 

Live Broadcast

Broadcast live news, weather, traffic and relevant stories from above. Get creative; broadcast your marriage proposal to a social media audience!




We use machines instead of manpower for solutions to challenging problems; our technology and pilots are the key components to 



We use zoom, thermal, large sensor technology and autonomous flight modes to achieve consistent and predictable results each time we use our equipment



Broadcast a live event or service from above - our drones capture creative angles and are capable of broadcasting to a worldwide audience on any device or social media site



Between industry leading pilots and the drones they use, your mission will be completed safely and free of concern



Our drones are equipped with autonomous flight modes to eliminate the inconsistencies of human pilot error



We provide efficient, creative and life-saving technology services to solve everyday problems

SPecific Industries and use

Search and Rescue/Pet Search and Rescue

Defy the odds and be a hero - find what your looking for, fast, with our zoom, thermal and HD aerial imaging tools

Disaster Relief

Our aerial technology is used for surveying, estimating and assisting with disaster relief services in extreme conditions

News, Events, Film and TV

We use innovative aerial tools to tell your story and captivate more viewers with live broadcasting for any event, news, TV or film production

Wildlife Management

Capture data and numbers about wildlife behaviors, patterns and populations


Aerial security is a way to cover your whole property - why limit yourself to a fixed location?

from 2015 to 2025 drones will account for approx $82.1 billion in job creation and economic growth