Drone Flight School

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"Had my first Drone Class with Drones Up/Evan. I have done a lot of studying prior to this class but I learned so much more. The instructions, preflight, in flight lessons and the after flight question and answers were great. I suggest all interested to take his class."

-David B 

"This course taught me the fundamentals to feel confident and safe when flying my drone-I have yet to crash! Well worth the time and money."

-Natalie M

Flight School Itinerary



We teach you everything you need to know to fly in accordance with part 107 and hobbyist regulations. We provide feedback about drone models and can help educate you before your next drone purchase

Drone Basics


Forget reading the manual; learn first hand to get your drone up in the air and where you need it to be. We teach you the fundamental/technical skills and knowledge to safe and efficient operation

DJI Go App and Settings


We walk you through where to find, how to use, when to use and why to use each setting, button and dial within the app

Safe Operation and Setup


Learn to mitigate risks with professional tips and tricks to avoid costly, unsafe, time consuming and seemingly inevitable crashes that come with being a novice pilot

Camera Settings and Cinematography


We teach you about the settings, buttons and dials needed to produce stunning, aerial photos and video - learn to "wow" your audience

Hands-On Flight Training


We ensure the knowledge and skills we teach are incorporated into our hands-on flight training : you'll be able to set up, take off, fly, and land safely and efficiently

Who will benefit from flight school?


Novice Pilots

Whether a brand new pilot or newly part 107 certified pilot, our school will get you flying like a pro in no tim

Commercial/Enterprise Businesses

We train your employees and personnel on safe, effective and efficient drone use to exceed commercial operations

Commercial Pilots

We offer skilled cinematography and mapping courses to build your own imaging business