How we operate


  • Envision the possibilities of having our drones up at your next event, business or service - we turn ordinary events into exquisite memories and elevate/enhance the value of your business or service


  • Contact us to discuss the details of your request, formalize a quote and plan for services


  • We show up the day of the planned operation with the required permission, authorization, equipment, knowledge and vision to exceed your expectations


  • We pledge to always meet your deadline with no exception to quality or the editing process

Delivery and Payment

  • We deliver your content via Micro SD Card, Dropbox or Downloadable Link  and you send payment via cash, check, venmo or paypal

Advertise, Market, Sell, Analyze, Create, Design and Recall

  • Use the content we created to further elevate and enhance your commercial and business operations while capturing a unique and valuable perspective to ordinary events